Raising the New Earth

Ep 3 Peeling Back the Labels to Find You

November 17, 2022 Raising the new earth
Raising the New Earth
Ep 3 Peeling Back the Labels to Find You
Show Notes

In today’s episode we dive into labels and explore opportunities to deconstruct and perhaps remove entirely some of the labels we put on ourselves and each other.  Labels can be beneficial - at its essence, that is what language is.  However, where are the places that we can bring more awareness to the labels that we are defining ourselves by and how can we begin to peel back a bit, become curious and perhaps discover a space for growth. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the labeling in our culture that leads to polarization and divisiveness, as well as the potential towards dogmatic thinking
  • labels in health and wellness, and using awareness to ensure any dietary labels are still serving our wellbeing
  • the benefits of being able to label our own emotions, as well as helping our kids do this and find healthy ways to express them
  • removing labels to discover more of the essence of yourself - the eternal I AM

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