Raising the New Earth

Ep 5 The Holidays: Creating Intention Amidst Consumerism

December 01, 2022 Raising the new earth
Raising the New Earth
Ep 5 The Holidays: Creating Intention Amidst Consumerism
Show Notes

We are discussing bringing more intention to the Holidays in a season that can feel very consumerism driven.  We talk a bit on what the holidays were like growing up for each of us - and our paths in continuing to discover the energy and intentions of the season that we hope to bring to our family.  

We specifically touch on:

  • Stepping back on holiday traditions to evaluate what truly gives meaning for the season
  • The broader context of our consumerism culture and how it encourages needing the stuff in order to feel whole - that we’re not enough as we are 
  • Brooke shares a bit on a trip that completely shifted her perspective in relationship to possessions. 
  • The psychology of clutter, both physical and mental.   
  • Noa’s perspective on the traditions of Santa and all the gift giving from growing up in Israel  

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