Raising the New Earth

Ep 13 Exploring Duality with Ye'ela Rosenfeld

January 26, 2023 Raising the new earth
Raising the New Earth
Ep 13 Exploring Duality with Ye'ela Rosenfeld
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Ye'ela Rosenfeld.  Ye'ela is an award winning screenwriter and director - as well as a program teacher for teens. 

We discuss 

  • Ye'ela's most recent short film Hedgehog.
  • Understanding  duality, dehumanization, and the circumstances that can lead to horrific events like genocide.  
  • Ye'ela's work with teens and how to maintain connection throughout the teenage years.
  •  Using fear and anxiety for the positive and a message for us to learn and grow.
  • Maintaining work- life balance as mothers.

You can find Ye'ela's work at https://www.yeelarosenfeld.com/

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