Raising the New Earth

Ep 15 Creating Your Own Love Story

February 09, 2023 Raising the new earth
Raising the New Earth
Ep 15 Creating Your Own Love Story
Show Notes

In honor of Valentine’s Day,  we're releasing an episode all about love...and we go deep on this one!  Noa and Brooke had similar paths in finding their life partners and in both their journeys emphasized the importance of loving themselves first and a deeper understanding of what that truly means.  

Topics discussed include:

  • Noa and Brooke's personal stories in finding their partners
  • A deeper understanding of what self love looks like and that ultimately, it's about knowing yourself
  • What the bible says about love
  • Love in a spiritual sense and the understanding of it as the fabric of all reality 
  • The four different types of soulmates and how this helps in your personal evolution

Whether you find yourself at this current time in a romantic relationship or not, we hope you feel inspired and full of love with listening to this episode!

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